Doc Talk: Get to Know Pajkub Vahchuama, AuD

Meet Pajkub Vahchuama, AuD

Dr. Vahchuama joined the audiology department at Texoma ENT & Allergy in 2021. She received her Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology from The University of North Texas and her Doctor of Audiology from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. 


What inspired you to become an audiologist? 

My grandma has hearing loss and because of cultural and generational differences, she refused to wear hearing aids for the longest time. Becoming an audiologist allowed me to communicate better with my family and my community about the importance of getting treatment for their hearing loss. 


 What excites you about your field of work? 

Being able to work with hearing technology that continues to grow and evolve 


 What are some unique and different skills you have? 

I am surprisingly fast at card games that require speed like Halli Galli or even just Speed. 


 What do you like best about being with Texoma ENT & Allergy? 

My coworkers are definitely the highlight of why I love working at Texoma ENT & Allergy. I love that we’re all just really chill and we all bring good vibes to the clinic. 


 If you weren’t an audiologist, what career would you have chosen? 

Realistically, an owner of a small cozy bookshop or cafe. Unrealistically, a pro-gamer for popular PC games like Valorant or Overwatch. Now that would be the dream! 

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