How to Deal with Fall Allergies in Texas

Indoors a woman holds a tissue to her nose as she winces with eyes closed

Although the temperature outside might not agree, fall is upon us in Texas, signaling the beginning of allergy issues for many people in Texas. Common allergens during this season include fall weeds, which can disperse over long distances in windy weather, and molds that thrive in damp areas like piles of wet leaves outdoors. Many patients experience worsening symptoms and a general sense of discomfort during this time of the year.

At Texoma ENT & Allergy, those struggling with their regular allergies can now discover a remedy to ease the seasonal shift, putting an end to the persistent sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes that typically persist from morning to night!

5 tips on how to deal with fall allergies in texas

Below are a few recommendations our team can suggest in finding a solution to the symptoms of your seasonal allergies:

  1. Mold removal. Pollen isn’t the only problem that can contribute to seasonal allergies. Oftentimes, mold in the home may be a common offender. Search the house for areas of high humidity and warmth to look for the signs of mold, and seek mitigation as soon as possible.
  2. Consider HEPA vacuum filters. Most vacuums have an air filter, but a HEPA filter can be a complete game-changer for someone who struggles with seasonal allergies. HEPA filters address 99.7% of particles, including dander and pollen, found in the home.
  3. Transition to hard surfaces in the home. Carpet, curtains, and furniture can trap allergens easier than harder surfaces, including blinds, shades, and hardwood floors. These surfaces are easier to clean and can lessen indoor allergies dramatically.
  4. Regularly change HVAC air filters. Air filters for your HVAC should be changed at least every 90 days, or more often if you have severe allergies.
  5. Visit an ENT. An ENT has specific knowledge about how allergies can impact the ears, nose, and throat, and how to treat other conditions that may be confused for allergies. Contact a member of our team of experts to help find solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle.

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If you spend your fall season struggling with allergies, it’s an excellent time to speak to our team of professionals about options for reducing or eliminating the symptoms for a better quality of life. Our team can be reached by calling (940) 322-6953 and by requesting an appointment online. We are always accepting new patients for evaluations to help them experience their best life—and find relief for seasonal allergies!

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